About Us

Just a little about us...

Behind these doors, the magic happened.

It was April, 2015. Three young men, overzealous to make their mark on history, worked around the clock to make Nexmotor what it is today.

The last few years taught us lessons. We learned to put people — friends, family, loved ones, coworkers, clients, business associates — people — before money. We learned to have good intentions. To nurture loving relationships. To help strangers. To trust. To cry. Some day, to forgive.

One day, each of us will leave this place with no belongings. The treasures of this world are not the fleeting successes and pleasures, but the foundations we build on truth, sincerity, honesty, respect, and love. Life. The memories, the gift of today, and the promise of a joyful tomorrow.

Welcome to Nexmotor. We're glad you stopped by.